Review on slot game Great blue

Great Blue is a highly volatile slots game which means that it will offers you the opportunities of truly massive wins, if you are lucky enough to spin a winning combination. This game is very attractive to its regular players, and also has awesome bonus features such as stacked wilds and a bonus round that takes place underwater on the ocean floor.  Here is a review on the game.

  • Features of slot game great blue

The name slot game Great Blue has given you the theme of the slots game since right from the beginning; you are welcome by a cute killer whale while you wait for the game to load. The game itself has an ocean theme, with the all the symbols relating to sea life or the ocean itself. The number of symbols and “face card” symbols such as Jack, Queen, King and Ace are all painted blue as well as they have the shape of bubbles, whereas the other symbols are all undersea creatures such as sea horse, clam, shark, and fish and many more.

The next thing you will see about the slot game great blue is the huge number of paylines it offers to players. You have so more chances to win with 25 paylines, it would be wasted not trying it out. The only negative of the game is that when you have too many paylines, your bets can get pretty expensive because you will always want to bet the maximum number of paylines and you maximize your opportunities of spinning a winning combination.

Moreover, to having so many paylines, slot great Great Blue offers a unique rewarding bonus round, and stacked wilds on top of it. Stacked wilds are quite popular these days; however the Great Blue’s bonus round really stands out as unique. You activate the bonus round by having at least three or more clam shells (with a pearl inside) on anywhere on the five reels while playing.

slot game great blue

  • Coin and Stake in slot game great blue

One of the things that is considered to be a negative side of Great Blue is that you can only select between two coin values – 1 cent or 2 cents. Nevertheless, when you think that you have to pay for each payline that you bet on, and that you can still win $50,000 with the value of these coins, it is really not quite a downside of the game. It does pay to play the max bet in this game, to ensure that when you win, you will win big.

  • Symbol of slot game great blue

In the slot game Great Blue online slots, all of the symbols have the theme based on “under the sea” theme. You will see the classic card value symbols, which are the numbers 1 through 10 as well as “face cards” consists of Jack, Queen, King and Ace. There are also a number of cute sea creatures that pop up when you spin the reels, including the killer whale, the seahorse, the clam shell with a pearl, the shark and the yellow fish.

The killer whale is known as the wild symbol in this slot game. All you have to do is line up five killer whales and win the 10,000 coin jackpot. The pink clamshells with a pearl inside can trigger the bonus round. If you have three clam shells even if they don’t line up on a payline, you will still get access to the bonus round described above.

  • In conclusion

Slot game Great Blue is another product of Playtech Company. Together with 25 paylines and a maximum payout up to $50,000 is definitely worth a shot. Make sure to make the best of your winnings by playing the max bet, so that when you win you get the best payout as possible. It is not common to see 25 paylines in online slots, so take full advantage of it. This game is waiting for you at Malaysia online casino.

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