How To Win Jackpots

As online slots Malaysia fans we all know that we spin the reels for a lot of reasons; money is one of the main drives but over the years we have seen the pursuit of winnings can be secondary to the experience of playing the games.  That is the reason so many people play for small stakes – your bankroll lasts longer so your playing time is longer but the possible winnings are of course smaller.

There are those gamblers though who fixate on the jackpots and there is nothing wrong with that.  In this article we are going to mention some kinds of jackpots offered and if there is anything you can do to raise you opportunities to win them.


Fixed Jackpots

The fixed jackpot is the most popular type of big prize and features on slots that are both progressive and non-progressive.  It is not associated to any sort of progressive network and to win it you will be depending on a fortunate spin of the reels.  Wild symbols are often the key to these jackpots and the biggest tend to provide around 10,000x the line bet, even though that multiple may be smaller if the possible line bets are larger.

So the question is whether there is anything you can do to help drop that win?  Our experience is that there actually is not any way to affect these kinds of jackpots for online slots Malaysia.  The nature of fixed jackpots means they are linked to the percentage payout return of each machine, meaning that over time, the average return to the player is constant at around 94% – 97%. Join here to register welcome bonus casino and slot game online

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are of course the prizes we all desire to win; whole networks of online slots are connected together and small percentages of each stake contribute towards some huge rewards.  Millions of pounds are regularly offered for the luckiest players and they can be achieved in different way.

There are progressive jackpots which are activated by dropping the right symbols but these are minor; more common are those like the Marvel slots that provide the jackpots randomly.  We say it is random but in fact here it is possible to affect your chances to a small degree.  Higher stakes will give you a better opportunities to be awarded entry into the jackpot game and this is of course fair – if this was not the case everyone would play with small stakes with the same opportunity to win.

So can you affect your jackpot chances for slot machine Malaysia?  Yes you can, but only with progressive jackpots and be prepared to raise your stake to improve your chances.

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