How To Open Casino Credit?

Today I will discuss exactly how to obtain that line of credit. Easy! Simply call your favorite casino and ask them to send you a credit application. Most casinos in a certain place use similar forms. In Las Vegas, the forms tend to be modest. They will ask for your name, address, telephone number, social security number and the bank account you will use for your credit line.

On the other hand, Atlantic City wants more information. Most casinos there will want to know your full name, address, telephone number, where you work or if you are self-employed, your annual income, your outstanding debt, the name of your bank and the account you wish to write. markers against. Some Atlantic City casinos will go one step further and ask to know their net worth.

Next, you must sign a release form that will allow the casino credit inspectors to make sure you have enough money in the specified account to pay the amount of credit you are requesting. This is an important article. When you apply, make sure you have more than enough in one account to completely cover the entire line of credit you want!

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The casinos will do a credit check to make sure you are a good risk. The whole process takes about a week. What are your chances of being rejected?

Said a casino credit manager who wished to remain anonymous: “I would say that about three-quarters of the people who ask for credit get it.The only area where there could be any difference of opinion between us and the client is about how most of the Credit requests are often for sums that we think can be too high, if someone asks for $ 10,000, we could say, “Give them $ 5,000 and we can readjust that number in the future.” The people we reject are usually people who simply they have a history of not paying their bills, remember that we are granting a bank loan without interest up to six weeks  and we want to make su re that we recover that money. “

What percentage of the money loaned by the players is not returned? The figure varies from casino to casino and from state to state, and it’s a well-kept secret, but I estimate that less than three percent of the total money loaned by credit players is not returned in a timely manner.


Once your credit is approved, your next trip to the casino will probably see you take out your first “bookmark”. A bookmark is a promissory note that can be withdrawn directly from your bank account. In fact, it looks like a large generic verification, which is exactly what it is.

Once you are at the table of your choice, you will tell the dealer: “I would like to get a bookmark, please”. The employee will be called and he or she will ask, “How much?” Once you tell the person on the floor how much you want, they will probably ask for your player’s card. In this case, the casino floor person will complete most of the information on a scoreboard form and ask you to sign it. If you do not deliver a player’s card, or if the casino is very busy, the employee will give you a small sheet where you will write your name, address, telephone number, the name of your bank and how much you want to get out. Then you will sign your name .

Usually, it takes two to five minutes for the score to arrive. When it does, you will sign it and the employee will place it on the table and the dealer will count the appropriate number of chips (the credit players in Las Vegas will get the chips even before the score arrives). Slots usually do their transactions in the cashier’s cage.

That’s it, you’re in the game. It is much faster than ATMs and much cheaper.


How and when you return your bookmark is a product of luck at the tables or machines. It is customary to return all the money you borrowed at the end of your trip if you won. If you do not pay after a winning stay, it is considered a very bad thing called “walking with the chips”. Casinos frown at players who “walk” because they feel (rightly) that not only have you won money from them at the tables (fair and square) but you have taken a loan that will now interest you for the time that remains at. your account before the marker is exchanged (unfair and not square). Some high-performance, independent business people have tried to use their casino credit lines as interest-free short-term business loans. If the casinos discover you doing this, they will not only cut your credit, but they will say bad things about you behind your back, and you will not get credit in other casinos when word gets out that you are a “walker.” So never walk with the chips.

How much time do casinos give to pay for the piper? If you borrow up to $ 1,000, you usually have seven days to pay. If you borrowed between $ 1,001 and $ 5,000, you usually have 14 days; and if he borrowed $ 5,001 or more, he has between 30 and 45 days. Each state will have slightly different schedules, but the above is representative.

But, what if you lent him $ 1,001 and only (alone?) He lost $ 500? Here you have an option. You can return the remaining $ 500 and wait two weeks for the casino to collect the rest, or you can simply write a check for the other $ 500 at the time. (Some casinos want new credit players to do this until it is firmly established that they are not risks).


We know why players would want to get credit, but why would casinos want to give it? Some players believe that casinos give credit as part of a plan for them to play for more money than they can afford and for longer periods of time than they should. Although this is not the reason why casinos give credit, it is a danger that players should know and it is the great disadvantage of the casino credit. Your line of credit must be in accordance with your budget. Do not take out a $ 10,000 line of credit if you are a $ 5 player with a $ 500 game bankroll. The temptation to dive into your line of credit to get more may be too big to resist on a bad day or night.

Casinos give credit as a customer service, an inducer of loyalty and a convenience. Players must know that the bookmarks are money in the bank, their bank, and although they have no interest, they are not free of obligations. If you lose in the casino, you are expected to pay for what you borrowed. Make sure you can afford to do it.

But taking into account the other alternatives of carrying wads of cash and / or loans from those ATM loansharks in the lobby, establishing casino credit is the smart way to do it.

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